Black Eye Coffee | What Is It & How To Make It? | Part II Eye Coffee Series

Can’t afford to spend a ton of money on multiple coffee drinks? Black Eye Coffee might be what you need! Tired and need a super caffeinated beverage that’s going to power you through that 8-hour shift? Wondering what the heck this dark coffee drink is? Then rest assured we created this guide for people wondering what exactly this potent drink is, and the differences and similarities between it and red eye coffee, and dead eye coffee. Plus, the key to making a delicious cup of black-eye coffee!

This post is all about creating the perfect black-eye coffee drink to power you through those long days!

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Black Eye Coffee FAQ

What is Black Eye Coffee?

Black Eye coffee is an incredibly strong caffeinated drink that features not only 1 shot of espresso but 2 shots of espresso. Combine that double shot of espresso with drip coffee and you got yourself a wired drink that will knock the tired out of you, literaly.

Why is it called Black Eye Coffee?

The Black Eye Coffee name originates from the long drawn-out days, shifts, and study sessions that often lead to a severe lack of sleep. Usually, a tell tells sign of fatigue is dark under eye circles, which are more prominent when eye fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, and diet are poor. Instead of sleeping, some people have to work through this and the only way to do it is to get some strong caffeine.

Thus, the Black Eye Coffee was born, a super caffeinated coffee drink that is a step above the infamous Red Eye Drink.

How many shots of espresso are in a black eye coffee?

It features a double shot of espresso over strong brewed coffee. In contrast, the lighter version of Red Eye Coffee only has a single shot of espresso over strong brewed coffee.

What kind of coffee beans are used in black eye coffee?

Black eye coffee is very similar to red eye coffee and dead eye coffee, they all use medium or dark roast whole coffee beans that are freshly ground.

How important is it to use whole coffee beans in a black-eye coffee?

We would say important! When you drink black eye coffee, you are drinking black, traditionally. Due to the lack of cream and sugar to cover the bitterness and overall taste of black coffee. You want to invest in a high-quality blend of whole coffee beans.

It’s also equally important to use fresh beans, so don’t go using stale ones because you’ll notice it when drinking this black. Of course, you can always add cream or sugar but that’s up to you. Also, drinking stale or expired beans isn’t something you should be doing anyways.

Do you drink black eye coffee black?

Yes! Black Eye Coffee is traditionally drunken black, however, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer and gulp it down because you can’t stand black coffee. We recommend easing your way into black coffee before trying to go all in with a potent brew like this.

You can also, just ignore tradition! Because honestly who cares, you’re the one drinking this coffee, so just add cream and sugar to make it more palatable for yourself. Some people honestly can’t stand black coffee, no matter how high quality or expertly brewed, it’s not for everyone.

Who is a black eye coffee perfect for?

Balck eye coffee is perfect for people who need large amounts of caffeine in a small drink, the black eye coffee is a total of 12 oz of brewed coffee and espresso and packs in a ton of caffeine.

Black Eye Coffee Recipe

Special Note: This is a highly caffeinated drink and should not be drunk by those with caffeine sensitivities, those told not to drink caffeine, and shouldn’t be drunk with other caffeinated beverages. Please drink caffeine responsibly and safely, for more information read this for information on caffeine and its effects on the body.

If a Black Eye Coffee is too much for you, try a Red Eye Coffee First ☺️


Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans

Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans

Filtered Water


Drip Coffee Equipment

  • Pour-over
  • French Press
  • Drip Coffee Machine
  • Aeropress

Espresso Method Equipment

  • Espresso Machine
  • Percolator

Recipe Calls For

  • 8 oz of Drip Coffee
  • 2 oz of Espresso aka a double shot of espresso

How To Make It

  1. Grind medium roast or dark roast whole coffee beans to a medium grade for drip coffee
  2. grind dark roast coffee whole beans to a fine grade for your espresso machine or percolator.
  3. Make Drip Coffee with your preferred method, and pour 8 oz into a heat-resistant cup
  4. Make Espresso and pour the espresso on top of your drip coffee.
  5. Wallah, you’re done! Try taking a sip and seeing if you can handle the strength of this coffee. If not, add water to dilute, or your choice of milk, and sugar if you like.
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Recipe Notes

Black Eye Coffee Has How Much Caffeine?

A single serving of black eye coffee has around 220-280mg of caffeine, depending on the roast, brewing method, and coffee beans used.

Can You Add Water to a Black Eye Coffee?

Yes, just like an americano is made by adding water to espresso, all you have to do is add some water to your drink and it will help dilute the strength of the drink and make it more bearable for those who hate strong coffee.

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