13 Viral TikTok Starbucks Drinks (2022) & How To Order Them Like A Pro!

Ever head to Starbucks and walk by a group of people who just have the most gorgeous TikTok Starbucks drink ever? Wonder why Starbucks is serving layered drinks, chocolate, caramel goodness concoctions, and other unique flavored coffees and refreshers but they are nowhere to be seen on the menu? It’s probably a top secret starbucks menu item or a viral TikTok starbucks drink that you’re wondering about! Since TikTok is slowly taking over the world it makes sense to start seeing these popular drinks popping up more frequently at your local Starbucks. That’s why we created this list of 13 viral TikTok drinks that are insanely delicious and deserve a spot on the regular menu!

This post is all about the best TikTok starbucks drinks for 2022! We’ll be constantly updating this list as time goes on so you always know the latest TikTok sensational drink! P.s. We also have personally tried a ton of these and love most of them but would tweak sweetness levels because idk why thinks 4 pumps of extra syrup is a good thing??

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What is a TikTok Drink?

A TikTok drink is a popular fun and never-before drink special that are gathered from starbucks secret menu or created by tik tokers and thus go viral. These crazy drinks can be subtle with a few additions of syrup or col foam or completely change a base recipe to create a whole new recipe.

What’s the difference between TikTok Starbucks drinks and Starbucks Secret Menu?

Tik Tok Drinks vs Starbucks secret menu drinks can be the same thing as TikTok drinks are typically from starbucks secret menu. However, Tik Tok Drink can also be created by tik tokers out of the blue and thus are their own creations. Most of the time though, these viral drinks are just tweaked versions of the starbucks menu, usually adding additional toppings or swapping ingredients are the most popular method for creating viral drinks.

How expensive are TikTok Starbucks Drinks?

Tik Tok Starbucks drinks can actually be very expensive, when you take into consideration the average starbucks drink is usually over $5. When you begin to add in additional syrups, milk, toppings, and other things it gets rather spendy. Thus, the average TikTok drink can cost around $9 because of these costly add-ons!

We’ll break down the add-on cost so you can estimate how much a drink will cost you when ordering viral TikTok starbucks drinks.

Starbucks Add OnCost In US Dollars ($)
Syrup per 4 pumps$0.80
Sauce per 4 pumps$0.80
Cold Foam$1.25
Milk 0
Espresso per shot$1.00
Topping per scoop$0.50
Tea $0.50
Fruit per scoop$0.80
Starbucks Tik Tok Drinks Add-On Cost as of 2022

Ordering TikTok Drinks At Starbucks: Dos & Donts

TikTok and Instagram have created a popular trend of ordering the latest colorful creations and intoxicating drinks that quickly go viral and have followers stampeding to their local starbucks to get their hands on the latest creations. While starbucks probably appreciates the increase in traffic and revenue, it also is hard on the baristas since they aren’t trained to know starbucks secret menu by heart, and a ton of drinks are made up on the fly.

Thus, the last thing you want. to do is go during rush hour and bombard your already stressed-out baristas with a complicated order. Thus, well list below the dos and don’t of ordering the viral sensations.

How to order a TikTok Starbucks Drink

  • Always be nice to your baristas
  • Always be patient as they are likely to not be familiar with the drink you are ordering
  • Always say please and thank you when ordering
  • Always speak clearly and slowly so the barista knows exactly what you want in your drink, also do not forget to mention instructions if it’s made in a unique manner.
  • Only order in the Starbucks cafe, and avoid drive-thru lines when ordering complicated drinks.
  • If you can, consider tipping your baristas, they are creating works of delicious art.
  • Have a backup order ready, sometimes starbucks runs out of ingredients and they can’t create the drink you want because of that.
  • Order when starbucks isn’t busy, if they have a line of people and are swamped, it’s best to save that unique drink for another day or wait till the line dies down.
  • Do keep track of the cost of add-ons you’ll be adding to your drink

How Not to order a TikTok Drink

  • Don’t assume your barista knows what you’re talking about
  • Don’t shove a TikTok video in their face unless they ask to see hows it made
  • Don’t order during peak times and dont order via the drive-thru
  • Don’t be rude or impatient
  • Don’t throw a fit if they can’t make the drink because they ran out of ingredients
  • Don’t get angry over the price, be price conscious of all the add-ons you’ll add to your drink so you dont have sticker shock when the amount is told t you.
  • Don’t expect your barista to know how to make the drink, give them the full ingredients and a short version of how to make it.

13 Viral & Top Secret TikTok Starbucks Drinks

1. Original Tik Tok Drink:

Taste Like?: This is allegedly the OG TikTok Starbucks Drink that started it all! However, no one really knows if that’s true lol. Anyways, this drink is a blended strawberry acai refresher that is extra icy and fruit with the addition of strawberries and blackberries, overall not bad and we are here for it.

How To Order It: Ask for a venti strawberry acai refresher drink blended with 3 scoops of strawberry and 3 scoops of blackberry, and of course ice.

2. Nutella Cold Brew:

What It Taste Like: Is anyone else a diehard Nutella fan? Same! We love Nutella and when we heard about this drink we had to try it! It a not too sweet and the hazelnut and mocha really compliment each other in the cold brew, but you still can taste the cold brew which we love! Plus the hazelnut cold foam? Umm Hello YES!

How To Order It: Ask for a venti cold brew with 3 pumps of hazelnut syrup, and 2 pumps of mocha, topped with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam with 1 pump of Hazelnut.

Not a fan? Try an Iced  Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso Instead!

3. Matcha Pink Drink

Taste Like?: Imagine a Pink Drink but with a cold foam topping, and that cold foam topping happening to be a Matcha flavored cold foam 👀. Sounds weird maybe, but the slight bitterness of the matcha is a delicious pairing with the coconutty pink drink, it balances out the strong flavors amazingly and doesnt detract from it or make it super sweet. Plus, it looks gorgeous!

How To Order It: Order a Pink Drink with matcha cold foam: sweet cream cold foam with 1 scoop of matcha

Make Your Own Pink Drink At home and pair it with a Matcha Cold Foam!

4. Sunset Drink:

What It Tastes Like: Tropical and refreshing, plus this beautiful drink offers a gorgeous layered effect that has to be carefully made, so make sure to stress the layering, and if your barista asks show them the TikTok video of it being made. Make sure to take a photo of it because once you get a sip of it and stir it will combine the layers and no longer be layered.

What to order: Ask for a venti mango dragon fruit lemonade- no dragon fruit inclusions, a splash of peach juice, and iced passion tango tea on the top layer. Ask for extra ice to hold the layers better.

5. Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino:

What It Tastes Like: I never would have thought that cinnamon dolce syrup in a strawberry frappe was a thing but wow I can see why now. The Cinnamon Dolce adds a complex flavor to the frappuccino and the vanilla bean powder makes it creamier. I think reducing the white mocha is the move though because it makes the drink too sweet in our opinion but try it out for yourself first.

How To Order: venti strawberry frappe with 3 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup. 4 of white mocha, 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder

6. Sour Patch Kid:

What it Taste Like: Don’t worry this drink is not super sour, but it’s added enough puckering taste to remind us of sour patch kids 😆. The acai and raspberry really do the trick and give it a beautiful color.

How To Order It: Ask for a venti lemonade with 4 pumps of classic, 4 pumps of raspberry syrup, and a splash of acai on top

7. Gummy Bear Drink:

What It Tastes Like: Don’t let this seemingly boring to-look-at drink fool you, it really does taste like gummy bears to us, and while the clear color was lackluster we still loved it! In fact, an easy fix t counter the clear color is to ask for a splash of passion tango tea to give it a slight pink hue.

How To Order It: Ask for a venti lemonade with 4 pumps of raspberry, if you want it to be hinted pink just add a splash of passion tango.

8. Triple Caramel Threat:

What It Tastes Like: If you love caramel and love sweet drinks, then this drink is for you! Personally, we found this drink really sweet and would opt for half the caramel syrup and a light drizzle. However, the caramel cold foam was delish, and with a light caramel drizzle, it’s an absolute bomb drink!

How To Order It: Ask for a venti cold brew with 4 pumps of caramel syrup, a vanilla sweet cream cold foam with caramel blended in, and finished with extra caramel drizzle on top.

9. Iced White Mocha:

What It Tastes Like: This Drink is delicious! The caramel combined with white mocha is beyond compare! We love the caramel on the sides of the cups because it slowly mixes into the rest of the drink over time so youre not bombarded with caramel explosion. We recommend reducing the amount of white mocha sauce to half t account for the sweetness that the extra heavy caramel drizzle adds.

How To Order It: Ask for a venti white mocha, topped with sweet cream foam, and caramel drizzle on the sides of the cup it should like beautiful drizzle marks on the sides.

10. Rose Gold Drink

Taste Like?: We love everything rose gold, it’s an absolutely gorgeous metal, and we may or may not choose it for our electronics and jewelry 👀. Thus, it was a no-brainer to try this beautiful drink, it’s the perfect color to match our accessories! Plus, it tastes amazing! It’s defiantly a go-to drink for the spring and summer season as the peach juice really adds that extra punch of flavor and refreshing taste that the original mango dragonfruit is missing. The added raspberry and vanilla took us for a curveball and originally when we heard about this rink we thought hell no are we adding that, but wow they compliment this drink in such as surprising manner, who would have thought that peach, mango, dragonfruit, vanilla and raspberry pair so well together?!

How To Order It: Ask for a venti mango dragonfruit refresher made with peach juice, but tell them to skip the dragonfruit inclusion, then tell them to add a single pump of raspberry syrup and vanilla syrup.

11. Peaches & Cream Hot Chocolate

What it Taste Like: Okay, we already knew peaches and cream was a thing, and gosh are we glad someone was crazy enough to add peach flavoring to hot chocolate because it’s the move! The delicious peach flavors from the peach tranquility tea are the perfect complement to the heavy hot chocolate beverage. Plus, when you swap the original milk with coconut milk it tastes even dreamier! Not too creamy, just enough coconut and a generous flavoring of peach. We suggest ordering this in the winter going into spring to start awakening your senses to the upcoming warmer months ☺️.

How To Order: Ask for a grande white hot chocolate with a teabag of peach tranquility and swap the milk for coconut milk.

12. Tik Tok Starbucks Drink Andes Mint Cold Brew

What it tastes like: If you’re a fan of mint chocolate drinks, then you have to try this drink ASAP! We love this drink because it’s not too minty and not too strong, the 3 pumps of mocha, and 3 pumps of white chocolate are balanced very well with the 2 pumps of peppermint so that you get that icy taste with chocolate notes underneath that dont overwhelm the body of the cold brew. Plus, cold foam just feels right when adding it to any type of cold brew. To take this a step further we suggest adding a pump of peppermint to your sweet cream cold foam if you’re a major fan of minty drinks ☺️.

How to Order it: Ask for a venti cold brew with 3 pumps mocha, 3 pumps white mocha, 2 pumps peppermint, add on cold foam topping, and finish with chocolate shavings.

13. Mango Breeze Frappuccino

Taste Like?: To be honest, Starbucks is doing us all a disservice by not focusing on more blended drinks, especially during summertime! That’s why we love this creation, it’s a refreshing and icy cold tropical blast of flavor that is a personal favorite during the hot months. The mango dragonfruit combined with peach juice is beyond amazing and we love stirring up the strawberry puree so we get a taste of it in every slurp ☺️.

How To Order It: Ask for a venti or grande mango dragonfruit refresher blended with extra ice, and add peach juice and strawberry puree on the bottom.

Try our Homemade Starbucks Dragon Drink!

TikTok Starbucks Drinks FAQ

Do Tik Tok Starbucks Drinks have official names?

No, Starbucks’ secret menu and TikTok starbucks drinks are all made up so they don’t truly have official drinks, the viral ones do tend to keep their popular names though.

Why are TikTok Drinks So Sweet?

That is a common complaint with Tik Tok Drinks, since the drinks are targeted towards a younger audience it could be, that the sugar levels are remarkably higher than usual.

Do I have to order exactly what is recommended when ordering a Tik Tok drink?

No, you can always adjust the specialized starbucks drinks to match your preferences.

Why are TikTok Starbucks drinks so popular?

TikTok is a very popular platform so it’s no wonder why every time TikTok creates a cool drink that it sends hundreds and thousands of followers to their nearby starbucks to get the latest trendy drink.

Do Starbucks Baristas Hate Tik Tok Drinks?

It may seem like starbucks baristas hate naming your favorite TikTok drinks, but chances are it’s not the drinks they hate. It’s the rude and impatient customers that are asking for them. Make sure to order when the store isn’t busy, and be very clear and understanding when ordering your drinks.

Are TikToks Drinks Available Year-Round?

Yes, most TikTok Starbucks Drinks are available year-round, however, some of the ingredients are not so keep that in mind when ordering seasonal favorites.

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