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Ube Cold Foam is going to be all the rage when hipsters and coffee enthusiasts catch on! While Ube is no stranger to Asian baking and popular drink chains, it’s still under the radar in most western states, and it’s hard to believe. This delicious and creamy Ube cold topping is perfect for your cup of hot coffee, a warm latte, milk tea, boba, iced coffees, and cold brews. It’s an extremely versatile topping that can pair with just about anything, and what makes it even better is it’s so easy to make! With just 3 simple ingredients you can whip this flavorful purple foam and have not only a tasty drink but an eye-catching aesthetically pleasing drink that people will stop to ask you “what is that?”.

This post is all about creating the perfect Ube Cold foam! We’ll break down the need to know to master this delicious Filipino specialty dessert topping!

Commonly Asked Questions For Ube Cold Foam

What is Ube cold foam?

Ube cold foam is simply a normal cold foam made with ube flavorings like extract or syrup to create an ube flavored cold foam.

Can you get any flavor in cold foam?

If you have a simple way to create and incorporate a flavor such as creating a simple syrup, finding an extract, or using real fruits/vegetables then you can definitely get almost any desired flavor in cold foam.

Is ube cold foam the same as ube whipped cream?

Cold foam is essentially just frothed airy milk and whipped cream is very dense, thick, and sweet. The consistencies and flavors of each are both very different. Besides flavor and consistency, the nutrient makeup of both is very different with whipped cream being sugar and fat-heavy and cold foam is not sweet unless you add a ton of sweetener and is overall the more healthy option.

Can I make ube cold foam in a blender?

Yes, you can pretty much make cold foam using any machine or cooking tool that can mix the milk at a very high speed to incorporate air bubbles.

How do you make cold whisking foam?

Cold whisking foam is made by using a kitchen whisk and whisking any type of cold milk. The whisk will help incorporate air and make the milk bubbly and frothy to create what is called cold foam.

What can you use to make ube cold foam?

You can use any kind of high-speed mixer or even do it by hand. Tools that can be used are a whisk, handheld mixer, blender, milk frother, handheld milk frother, mason jar, french press, cocktail shaker, immersion blender, and so many other ways!

Can you use creamer to make ube cold foam?

Yes, you can use creamer but typically straight milk will create the best frothed cold foam that won’t fall flat as fast as a creamer-based cold foam. You can use almost any kind of milk whether it be dairy or non-dairy.

Can you make ube cold foam with a milk frother?

Yes, you can use a heatless milk frother to make cold foam.

Can you make ube cold foam without a frother?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to froth milk without having a frother available. Tools that can be used are a whisk, mason jar, cocktail drink shaker, french press, handheld mixer, and blender.

Can you put ube cold foam on hot coffee?

While there really isn’t a problem with it, it does compromise the appearance and duration of the cold foam. Sadly putting cold foam on top of hot coffee will make the cold foam fall flat and melt into the drink rather quickly.

Why You’ll love this ube recipe

  • A simple and delicious recipe that you can whip up in a matter of minutes!
  • No artificial dyes, the beautiful and vibrant purple color is from natural ube syrup and extract.
  • No need to invest in expensive equipment, you can make this creamy ube cold foam recipe with just about anything! We listed 9 different ways to make this delicious ube cold foam recipe.
  • Customizable, if you can’t have dairy. no problem! Simply follow our recipe notes for how to swap ingredients without ruining the taste and texture.
  • Ube Cold Foam is the perfect topping for not just cold brews, but iced coffees, hot coffee, lattes, tea lattes, milk tea, boba, and more! Or if you’re chaotic evil like us…. just eat it by itself πŸ˜† it’s that good lol

So What Is Ube? Why Is It Purple and Is Ube a Sweet Potato?

Woah? How did you even find this recipe first off 🀨 Just joking!

Ube is a popular Filipino purple yam the name ube is from Tagalog and it means tuber. The famous purple yam is different than purple sweet potatoes and also different than the popular taro (never confuse them unless you want to get in a food fight πŸ˜†). For starters, the Filipino purple yam ube has a delicate profile, which could be described as a subtle nutty taste with notes of vanilla and honey. This beautiful flavor allows it to be made into many different desserts and drinks. You’ll also be happy to know that ube is considered a complex carb and has fiber, which we all need a little more of typically.

While sweet potatoes such as the Japanese Okinawan sweet potato are also purple on the interior, but instead have a slightly earthy and sweet taste, and when steamed or boiled the sweet potatoes have a dryer feel and taste compared to ube which is softer and moister. The similarity between the two is that they both have creamy exteriors, although ube is slightly darker, and on the inside are both purple.

Does this recipe contain artificial food dyes? 🀨

Absolutely not, We try our best to avoid adding artificial food dyes in our drinks due to the bad rep they have. Luckily the beautiful purple color of this sweet cold foam is All Natural and gains its color from the Filipino purple yam known as ube. This popular tuber has grown in popularity in the states and the rest of the world due to its amazing flavor, Hello ube milk tea anyone? Not to mention ube brownies, ube cookies, ube tres leches, and more! Sorry, we’re rambling but we just love ube so much that we had to find a way to incorporate this popular purple yam into our coffee, and wallah we did!

Why does this recipe call for heavy cream?

Heavy cream has a bad rep for being fatty and well being a dairy byproduct, but heavy cream or any heavy fat milk or heavy fat plant milk is crucial for creating the perfect cold foam. The fat helps stabilized the cold foam so it doesnt fall flat as quickly, you’ll notice if you ever tried making cold foam with nonfat milk it literaly disintegrates within seconds πŸ˜†. The heavy milk helps counter that, and the addition of lesser fat milk such as 2% milk or your choice of plant milk helps make the cold foam pourable.

What Do You Need For Ube Cold Foam?



Heavy Cream:

Ube extract or Ube syrup:


Frothing machine/tool: mason jar, milk frother, french press, handheld milk frother, immersion blender, handheld mixer, cocktail drink shaker, blender, whisk, etc.

Measuring cups and measuring spoons

Ube cold foam recipe

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Recipe Calls For:

1 cup heavy cream

1/2 cup milk

1/3 cup ube simple syrup OR 1 teaspoon Ube extract and 1 tablespoon of simple syrup

How to make Ube cold foam at home

  1. Gather ingredients and prepare tools.
  2. Pour heavy cream and milk into a cup.
  3. Stir in ube simple syrup or ube extract
  4. Using your mixing tool of choice you may now froth your milk.

How to froth your milk according to your tools available:

Mason jar method: Simply pour your milk, heavy cream, and ube flavoring into a mason jar, seal the lid and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds or until your milk is as frothy as you like it!

French press: Pour your milk, heavy cream, and ube flavoring into your french press and put the lid on the french press with the plunger up. After this, you can simply repeatedly plunge your milk using the french press plunger to froth your milk.

Hand-held mixer: Add your ingredients to a mixer-safe cup or bowl. Use the handheld mixer at a low setting to mix your milk until frothy.

Blender: Add your milk, heavy cream, and ube flavoring to a blender and put the lid on the blender, turn the blender on low and let your milk blend until frothy.

Immersion blender: Add your milk, heavy cream, and ube flavoring to a tall cup or bowl to prevent a mess. Then using an immersion blender you can froth your milk. Be sure to fully immerse your immersion blender so it doesn’t create a huge splatter mess.

Milk frother: Pour your ingredients into your milk frother, place the lid over it and froth away. The easy thing about milk frothers is that they’re made to do this so they’ll typically have settings and presets just for creating the perfectly frothed milk.

Hand-held milk frother: First, combine your ingredients in a tall cup or bowl, it should be tall to prevent any splatter mess. Fully immerse your handheld milk frother into your milk mixture, and turn on and froth your milk until it reached your desired frothiness.

Whisk: Pour your milk, heavy cream, and ube flavoring into a cup or bowl and then whisk away for about 30 seconds or until you’re happy with the froth level.

Cocktail drink shaker: Combine your ingredients in a cocktail drink shaker, put the lid on it, and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds until frothy.

That wraps up our post for creating the perfect ube cold foam dessert topping! We hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you did please pin this recipe for later and share it with your friends and family via social media ☺️

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