Lavender Latte | Delicious & Easy Latte Recipe

Warming up to a cozy lavender latte? Or perhaps you enjoy iced lavender lattes to cool down during the hot summer heat? Whatever your favorite drink choice, lavender lattes are delicious and the perfect drink to make at home! It may be intimidating when your favorite coffee show seemingly perfected the art of latte drinks. However, have no fear; after many fails, we ended up creating an almost perfect lavender latte that is beyond yummy and most likely saves you money since you won’t have to buy it at your local coffee shop all the time now!

This post is all you need to know about making your own homemade lavender latte!

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Lavender Latte FAQ

Is lavender a strong flavor?

Lavender is a floral scent, it’s pretty strong in regards to the floral taste, but it does taste amazing if you are into floral-flavored drinks. It offers a taste similar to rose-flavored drinks where it’s subtle but smells heavenly and doesn’t overpower the main ingredients in a drink.

What does a lavender latte taste like?

Lavender latte tastes just like a normal latte but with a hint of lavender; the lavender floral scent and sweetness are gained from using a lavender syrup which gives it a heavenly scent and flavor.

Is there a Lavender Drink at Starbucks?

Unfortunately, there is not a lavender drink available at Starbucks; maybe one day, they will offer lavender-based drinks. However, we see it more as a short seasonal item in the spring than anything else.

Do coffee and lavender go together?

Coffee and lavender most definitely go together! The floral scent and sweetness from the lavender combined with the slight bitterness of coffee and the creaminess of milk are the perfect trio of flavors, in our opinion.

What does a lavender vanilla latte taste like?

The LAvender vanilla latte tastes just like a normal lavender latte but is complemented and made more complicated by the addition of vanilla extract or vanilla syrup. The vanilla emphasizes the natural floral scent of the lavender and invokes a more complex drink.

Do lavender lattes taste good?

Yes, if you’re a fan of floral drinks, then a lavender latte tastes absolutely amazing and really feels calming when you slowly sip on it in the morning. In fact, on really hectic days, we love enjoying this drink because of the calming effects of lavender.

Should you use fresh lavender or dried lavender?

Whether you use fresh lavender or dried lavender isn’t really a big deal. Since the flower buds are merely for decoration, we will stress the importance of using food-grade lavender that hasn’t been sprayed with harmful toxins.

Homemade Lavender syrup vs. store-bought lavender syrup?

If you’re anything like us, then you appreciate a good ole homemade lavender syrup and any kind of homemade syrup, really. We try to avoid artificially flavored syrups whenever possible because, honestly, homemade simple syrup is so easy to make that it literally takes less than 15 minutes to make several servings of our favorite flavors. So why wouldn’t we? Of course, if your life is always hectic and you don’t mind consuming the store version, then, by all means, buy it ☺️

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Lavender Latte Recipe:

Hot Lavender Latte & Iced Lavender Latte


Homemade Lavender Syrup: We love using homemade versions of simple syrups we make since they are easy to whip up and all pretty much follow the same base recipe, plus or minus some tweaks we make along the way. Plus, nothing beats that natural lavender flavor you get from homemade syrup ☺️.

Dried Lavender: We love using dried lavender because it’s easy to find at stores in the seasoning section. We also have our own lavender bushes, so we sometimes gather our lavender from those too.

Milk: 2% milk is typically what we use when making lattes, but feel free to swap the milk with your favorite kind.

Vanilla Bean Extract: Maybe it’s just us, but we feel like vanilla just tastes amazing in everything.

Espresso: You can’t make a good ole latte without some strong espresso! You can also use strongly brewed coffee.

For strong brewed coffee, we like to use our Aeropress or French Press! If you’re in a pinch and have a Keurig that makes a shot of espresso, that works too.

Ice: For the iced version, of course.


  • To make espresso or strongly brewed coffee: Use an Espresso machine, french press, Aeropress, Keurig, or percolator.
  • Steamed milk or frothed cold milk – use milk froth attachments in an espresso machine, or steam milk and froth with a whisk over the stove top; you can also froth cold milk with a handheld frother or using a french press.
  • Measuring spoons and measuring cups
  • Spoon to stir
  • cup to hold your delicious lavender latte!

What You’ll Love

  • Taste floral without overwhelming your tastebuds. Just enough lavender and sweetness to balance out the coffee taste.
  • Limited ingredient recipe, so you don’t have to go out of your way to buy some crazy ingredient, you’ll probably use once!
  • This an easy recipe that almost anyone can follow!

How To Make a Hot Lavender Latte:

Recipes Calls For

  • 1-2 Tbs of Lavender Syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Sprinkle of dried lavender
  • 8-10 oz of Steamed Milk
  • 1-2 oz of espresso (1 oz is one shot of espresso, and 2 is a double shot of espresso) or strong coffee

Instructions: Latte Art vs. No Latte Art

  1. In your mug of choice, add espresso, vanilla extract, and lavender syrup, and stir.
  2. No Latte Art: Then pour in steamed milk ( we like to use our ninja coffee machine or Keurig to make a quick cup of steamed milk, you can also use your espresso machine milk steamer attachment). The milk should be pourable like wet paint.
  3. Latte Art: Pour your Steamed milk in at an angle to fill the base, then lift your hand to begin making quick horizontal movements and then at the opposite side of the cup, make a short and quick divide in the middle. Wallah, you’re done! (ps. Read our Latte Art Guide to get more of a visual guide and better instructions; also, watch youtube videos and TikTok!
  4. Top with dried lavender, and you are done! Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

  • We like our lavender lattes strong, so we like to add 2 Tbs of the lavender simple syrup. Keep in mind the homemade version of lavender simple syrup is a yellowish color and will not resemble the artificially purple lavender syrups you see at the store. But we promise we think it tastes so much better!
  • We usually opt not to add latte art, as we drink our coffee to go for the most part.
  • Don’t worry if your drink is ugly looking if it is your first time designing latte art; honestly, we are still learning and making our fair share of ugly drinks. Especially when attempting new designs. You never really stop learning when it comes to latte art, tbh.

How To Make an Iced Lavender Latte

Recipe Calls For

  • 2-3 Tbs of Homemade Lavender Syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 8-10 oz of cold frothed milk ( can be oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, 2 % milk )
  • Two shots of espresso, aka a double shot or strong coffee or cold brew
  • Sprinkle of dried lavender buds
  • ice


  1. In a cup of your choice, add ice, espresso (room temp preferred), lavender syrup, and vanilla extract and stir or shake in a closed container.
  2. When thoroughly combined, pour in the cold, frothed milk. if you like taking photos of your coffee, snap a photo before the milk and coffee mix.
  3. Mix coffee and milk, and top with the leftover lavender buds and wallah, and you’re done! Enjoy your delicious drink.

Recipes Notes:

  • Iced lavender lattes are easily watered down when you use hot espresso, so we like to use not piping hot espresso or even cold brew!
  • Extra ice will make your drink icy cold!
  • We add 2-3 Tbs of lavender syrup to account for the dilution from the melted ice.
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