Delicious Rose Latte (Easy Recipe)

Rose lattes are not only delicous and heavenly scneted but they are so pretty to look at! These underrated lattes are full of floral notes and offer the perfect amount of sweetness that doesnt over power the latte base. While Rose Lattes may look intimidating because of the cool latte art and complex flavor profile. They are actually incredibly easy to make once you get a good latte base and use quality ingredeints such as homemade rose syrup and fresh petals ☺️.

This post is all about creating the perfect rose latte! Make sure you have your camera ready to snap a photo of this beautiful drink!

rose latte
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What is a Rose Latte?

a rose latte is an espresso with milk hot or iced drink that is converted into a rose latte by either the addition of rose petals and sugar or adding rose simple syrup. The rose flavors the latte with delicious floral aromas and a subtle sweetness that compliments the latte perfectly.

Do Rose Lattes Have Real Rose Petals?

Some rose lattes do include dried rose petals or fresh rose petals as either a flavoring agent or for decorating the top of the latte for an aesthetic look. You’ll typically see this done in cafes, as it adds to the appeal of the drink because of how it looks.

rose petals can be used in rose lattes for decorations
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What does a rose latte taste like?

A rose latte taste like a typical latte as its base stays the same as it does in most latte recipes. However, instead of leaving the drink plain, rose petals and or rose-flavored syrup is added to the drink to enhance the latte to have floral aromas and taste. The end result is a delicious floral latte that is perfectly sweet and creamy.

What’s in a Rose Latte?

A rose latte features a normal latte base of espresso and steamed milk. The difference is instead of adding normal sugar, a rose flavor syrup is added to the drink and then is topped with fresh or dried rose petals. Some cafes also like to mix in the vanilla extract as it helps balance out the rose petals’ floral aromas.

Rose Latte vs Rose Mocha?

A rose latte is made with only milk, espresso, rose simple syrup, and rose petals, the end result is a creamy and rosy drink that is not too overpowering in sweetness or floral aromas. While a rose mocha is a more complex drink that can feature either white chocolate mocha sauce or chocolate mocha sauce, that is mixed in with the rose flavor syrup. The end result is a chocolaty rose espresso drink that is incredibly indulgent and will be the perfect choice for you if you especially love chocolate-infused espresso drinks.

If chocolate and roses sounds divine, then make sure to try our homemade rose mocha recipe!
rose latte with rose petals
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Rose Syrup vs Rose Petals

Rose Syrup is what gives lattes that strong and sweet taste of floral notes, it’s also what is typically used in most lattes and other rose-flavored drinks. While rose petals are used to make rose syrup, they can also be used by themselves to flavor a latte, although dont be expected a strong floral presence, it will be a faint and muted rose taste but still, be noticeable. We recommend using both in conjunction for taste and aesthetic value. The rose syrup will be used to give you that delicious twist of roses, while the drink is finished with rose petals for an Instagram-worthy beverage! If you have some spare rose petals use them for your skin and hair, as they are said to beneficial as said from Gerrie from Byrdie.

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Heavenly Rose Latte Recipe

Rose Latte Ingredeints

Rose Simple Syrup – Click here to get our Homemade Rose Syrup!

Rose Petals – Fresh or Dried

Milk – Whole milk preferably but its put to you

Sugar – If youre not using rose simple syrup you’ll want to add sugar to sweeten the drink

Vanilla extract – Just a hint of vanilla will round out the flavor profile of the drink and add a tiny bit of complexity

Why You’ll Love It

  • This versatile recipe can be made vegan by just swapping out the dairy ingredeints for your plant base dmilk of choice.
  • Its heavenly scented with freshly made rose syrup, we love cutting out nasty ingredeints whenever possibly so we try our best to make our own syrups at home ☺️.
  • The perfect amount of floral notes and sweetness.
  • Easy to follow recipe for beginners.

How To Make A Rose Latte At Home


  • Espresso machine or your choice of espresso maker
  • Milk Steamer
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cups
  • Mug of choice

Recipe Calls For

  • 2 shots of espresso or 1 shot of espresso – Depends on how strong you like your lattes
  • 8 oz Milk
  • 2 Tbs of Rose Syrup
  • 5-8 rose petals dried or 3-5 fresh rose petals
  • 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla extract


  1. In a mug of your choice add espresso and rose syrup and vanilla extract and stir until combined.
  2. Steam milk in your choice of the steaming method until the consistency of Wetpaint.
  3. Pour steamed milk into the espresso drink, if aiming for a design then read our post on latte art tips to help create beautiful drinks. Otherwise, just pour it over the espresso.
  4. If choosing not to do espresso art, go ahead and sprinkle rose petals over the drink, and wallah you’re done!

Recipe Notes

  • This rose latte is made with both rose syrup and rose petals, but feel free to omit the rose petals as we use them for merely decorations in this recipe.
  • If using rose petals in your recipe for the flavoring, you’ll want to add the rose petals in with the hot espresso and let them steep for 5 minutes and then strain them out before adding the steamed milk, you can then decorate with fresh petals on top.
  • You can make this a vegan recipe by swapping out the dairy milk for your milk of choice, just keep in mind that we use dairy milk for decorating.

Rose Latte FAQ

Does Starbucks have a rose latte?

No, Starbucks does not have the ingredeints to make a rose latte, maybe one day they’ll attempt to make this delcious floral latte.

Does a Rose Latte have caffeine?

Yes, a rose latte does contain caffeine because it has a shot or 2 of espresso in its recipe. If you would like to reduce the amount of caffeine in your drink you can reduce the double shot to a single shot and or swap regular coffee for decaf coffee beans,

What flavor is a rose?

Rose is a sweet and floral scent that offers a slight almost sopay taste, in our opinion at least. It taste amazing though, similar to lavender!

is it hard to make a rose latte at home?

Not at all, rose lattes are fairly easy to make espeicly if you skip latte art and instead top with rose petals.

Do cafes have rose lattes?

Some cafes do not have rose syrup on hand as its not a super popular flavor, however we have been noticing it increasing slowly in presence across our nearby cafes.

Is rose a popular latte flavor?

Its a delcious flavor and severely undeerated, while its no where near in popularity compared to vanilla lattes or pumpkin spice lattes, its till a worthy contender!

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