Matcha Cold Brew | Refreshing and Delicious Matcha Recipe

Creating the perfect matcha cold brew can seem a little complicated, especially when you start to think about the ceremonial kind that requires the correct temp, steep time, mixing with a bamboo whisk, having an aesthetically pleasing bowl, and then finally being able to enjoy your prize. Instead, Matcha Cold Brew is a much simpler form of pure matcha drinks, it’s a perfect drink to start your journey into the tea world! We love sipping on matcha icy drinks during the summer, it’s such a refreshing drink and really can wake you up in the morning ☺️.

This post is all about creating the perfect matcha cold brew drink! This icy cold drink is the perfect drink to wake you up or to get a punch of nutrients since Matcha has a ton of health benefits.

matcha cold brew

Commonly asked questions for Matcha Cold Brew

Can Matcha be cold brewed?

Yes and no. Matcha cold brew is essentially just a matcha iced tea, it’s made by combining cold water and matcha powder. So, in a way, it’s a “cold” brew since matcha is tea, and it’s a cold tea. But it is not a traditional cold brew in the sense of brewing and steeping it overnight and getting a super high caffeinated drink afterward. Matcha cold brew is actually super fast and easy to make as compared to a traditional cold brew.

Is cold brew matcha healthy?

Matcha cold brew is made from water and matcha powder so it’s pretty healthy. It can become unhealthy if you add a ton of sugar to it or other things to sweeten or flavor it.

Why matcha is not good for you?

Matcha is actually studied quite frequently and has been proven to have many health benefits! So, matcha is actually better for you than most other things you can consume. Plus, it’s natural caffeine as well which is a plus and it’s a tea so we know that most teas have several health benefits and calming effects.

Does matcha have more caffeine than a cold brew?

Ceremonial Matcha has around 34 mg of caffeine per gram, there is 2 g per teaspoon so a serving of matcha should have about 68 mg of caffeine. While cold brew has around 25 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce so a cup of cold brew has a whopping 200 mg of caffeine! Keep in mind culinary and lower variety of matcha powder will typically have lower caffeine contents. Also, keep in mind that brewing time, the freshness of leaves, and temp of water can also play an effect on caffeine content, as mentioned by Ariana from HealthLine.

Is matcha healthier than coffee?

Both coffee and matcha have similar health benefits such as being rich in antioxidants, may help protect heart health, may help with losing weight, and a few other shared benefits. however, Matcha is great because it slowly releases caffeine, unlike coffee which gives us that burst of energy that we are so familiar with.

Does matcha make you poop?

Well, Matcha is full of Polyphenols, a gut-boosting antioxidant that can help create a happy home for good gut-friendly bacteria. Having these good bacteria helps with digestion which should help with the overall bowel system.

Does matcha taste better hot or cold?

Matcha is traditionally drunk hot, however, the trend of iced drinks has manifested itself in the matcha world, and it’s common to see matcha cold brews, iced matcha drinks, matcha lattes, matcha cold foams, matcha fraps, and more!

Can you dissolve matcha in cold water?

yes, just make sure to mix thoroughly with a whisk to breathe clumps up. We love shaking our matcha cold brew in a drink shaker or a mason jar to make sure it’s thoroughly mixed.

Do you have to make matcha with hot water?

No, matcha can be mixed in either hot water or cold water. keep in mind the dissolving process is easier and simpler in hot water, as cold water will need to be mixed vigorously to get rid of any clumps.

Can you prepare matcha in advance?

Yes, we recommend not exceeding more than 2 days otherwise the taste of the matcha can deplete over time.

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matcha cold brew recipe

Matcha Cold Brew Ingredients

Ceremonial grade matcha powder:


Optional: sweeteners


matcha cold brew ingredients

Refreshing Matcha Cold Brew Recipe

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Recipe Calls For

  • 1 tsp matcha powder
  • 8 oz water
  • est 4 oz Ice

How to make it

  1. place matcha powder and water in the jar with an airtight lid or a cocktail shaker
  2. shake vigorously until all matcha powder specks are gone and foamy top forms
  3. Optional: Leave in fridge fora. few hours to get higher extraction of matcha powder and best flavor or skip to step 4
  4. Pour over ice in a glass cup and enjoy!
matcha powder
Matcha Ceremonial green tea powder is an important ingredient! Don’t swap with cheaper alternatives otherwise, you’ll end up with a muddy color and not as great taste.
matcha powder in mason jar with water
Step 1. place matcha powder and water in jar or cocktail shaker
shaken matcha tea
step 2. Shake thoroughly until fully combined and no dark green spots/specks remain. A foamy top should form near the end of this
matcha tea froth
Step 3. Optional: Leave in a sealed jar for a few hours in the fridge to get the highest extraction from matcha powder or skip to step 4
green tea iced drink
Step 4. Pour shaken matcha cold brew into a cup filled with ice and enjoy!

Recipe Notes:

  • We use ceremonial matcha powder because the version of matcha is meant to be drunk without any additives. It’s also the purest form of matcha and is made from higher-quality leaves. The taste of ceremonial matcha will offer a fresh grassy taste and the color will be a beautiful bright green. While culinary grade or lower will be slightly bland in taste and muddier in color.
  • Brewing matcha in cold water relieves most of the bitter taste you get from hot versions of this drink.
  • If drinking pure matcha is a little hard for you, just add some honey to help relieve it and slowly remove the honey every other drink and you’ll be able to drink it would anything in no time!
  • We recommend cold brewing matcha for a minimum of 4 hours, for the ultimate matcha goodness.
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