Fall In Love Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam | Dunkin vs Starbucks Which Has The Best Pumpkin Spice Cold Foam?

The changing of the leaves to beautiful shades of fall signals the start of the autumn season. Well, that’s what everyone says, but really it’s when pumpkin spice lines up in the grocery stores and your favorite cafes. You’ll find pumpkin cold brew, pumpkin spice creamer, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cold foam, and way more! With the exhausting list of things you can have pumpkin flavored, it’s no wonder why both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts came out with their own versions of the popular fall flavor that makes everyone drool in delight.

They have menu items such as pumpkin cold brew, pumpkin cold foam, pumpkin spice lattes, and more! After all, besides the obvious flavor that screams fall, pumpkin is also good for you because it’s full of antioxidants and is rich in various nutrients and vitamins. But which popular coffee chain makes the best pumpkin-flavored topping? We’ll let you know our take on the two popular versions. Plus, how do you make a copycat version of these delicious fall-flavored toppings at your very own home? We answered all these questions and created a perfect Fall Time Pumpkin Cold Foam that goes perfectly with cold brews, chai tea, iced lattes, and iced coffees.

This post is all about creating the perfect fall weather pumpkin cream cold foam that is perfectly flavored with ingredients you can get at your local grocery store and you can customize them to match your sweet preferences and favorite style of coffee flavor. We also made sure to cover how to order a pumpkin cold foam topping from starbucks and Dunkins, what’s in the coffee chain versions plus what we think is the best coffee topping.

copycat starbucks pumpkin cream cold foam on coffee drink

Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam FAQ

What is pumpkin cream cold foam made of?

Our Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam has been created by adding 3 different kinds of milk along with pumpkin puree and other ingredients to make it more palatable. The at-home version will remove all food dyes and preservatives and will taste so much better and you’ll feel better knowing you dont have any of those yucky ingredients!

Is pumpkin cold foam a thing at Starbucks?

During the end of summer and all the way into winter, pumpkin cold foam is a popular coffee topping to order for any espresso beverage at starbucks.

Is pumpkin cold foam available year-round?

Unfortunately, pumpkin cream cold foam is not something that is available year-round. it’s a die-hard seasonal flavor so this makes sense, who wants pumpkin spice coffee in the middle of suns out bums out the season?

Yeah, not many people, so companies like to preserve cost and losses by only offering this delicious flavor when it will for sure be popular, [plust by only having it available during the fall season it creates a higher demand for the product and more people will be willing to splurge on pumpkin spice products and drinks.

Do Dunkin Donuts offer Pumpkin Cream cold foam?

Yes, it’s served on top of their special pumpkin cream cold brew.

What does pumpkin cream cold foam taste like?

Pumpkin cream cold foam is a creamy and sweet airy textured cold foam topping that taste just like homemade pumpkin pie but better!

Is there caffeine in pumpkin cream cold foam?

There is no caffeine in pumpkin cream cold foam as it only contains dairy, pumpkin spices, and pumpkin puree.

How many calories are in a Starbucks pumpkin cold foam?

There are about 210 calories per serving of pumpkin cream cold foam.

How many calories are in Dunkin donuts pumpkin cold foam?

There are roughly 160-180 calories in Dunkin donuts pumpkin cream cold foam, based on the ingredients listed and serving size.

Is there real pumpkin in the starbucks pumpkin cold foam?

Yes, Starbucks lists pumpkin puree as one of their ingredients for the pumpkin cream cold foam. it’s most likely a part of their pumpkin spice sauce.

Is there a Dairy free version of pumpkin cream cold foam?

Pumpkin cream cold foam topping can be made without adding dairy, just swap out dairy with coconut condensed milk, coconut whole fat cream, and coconut milk. Make sure to increase the amount of pumpkin spices and pumpkin puree to counter the coconut flavor.

What’s in starbucks pumpkin spice topping?

Starbucks ingredient lists their pumpkin spice topping as having cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves.

cold foam dripping into coffee drink

All about Dunkins’ popular fall pumpkin cold foam

What is in a Dunkin Pumpkin Cream Cold foam

Dunkin Donuts’ popular pumpkin cream cold foam is a spunky light orange cold foam that is made with dairy, perfect hints of pumpkin pie spice such as cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and delicious pumpkin flavoring.

How to Order Dunkin Pumpkin cream cold foam

First, choose whatever cold drink you would like to pair your cold foam with. Then ask the barista to add pumpkin cream cold foam as a topping. There will be an additional charge for the cold foam but it’s so worth it!

overhead view of pumpkin cream cold foam

All about Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

What’s in the Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam?

The Starbucks pumpkin cream cold foam, has condensed milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice topping, vanilla syrup, 2% milk, and other ingredients for flavor preservation and color.

How To Order a Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam For Any Drink

  1. You can’t order this via the mobile app, there are no buttons for this so you’ll have to order in person or through the drive-thru.
  2. Ask for a cold foam topping mixed with 1 pump of pumpkin syrup and 1 pump of vanilla syrup, and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice topping.

Dunkin vs Starbucks: Which Has The Best Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam?

*Our opinion on the two popular fall toppings, and who we think is the reigning champion for pumpkin cream cold foam*

Both Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks offer amazing coffee drinks that would make anyone drool. With each new year, they add a spontaneous new recipe to their arsenal. With the introduction of the trendy cold foam, it was bound to see a flavored version that was perfect for fall. So it’s a no-brainer why both companies came out with their own version of the super popular pumpkin cream cold foam.

Dunkin lovers will toot that Dunkins offers that amazing creaminess that Starbucks just can’t beat, but on the other side of the flavor spectrum Starbucks has nailed the flavoring of pumpkin spice to the core!

So which one do we think is the reigning champion for the best fall-flavored pumpkin topping? We had to go with Starbucks, While Dunkin has nailed the texture and perfect blend of foamy and creaminess that any cold foam guru would gush over, we just can’t help but drool over Starbucks Pumpkin flavoring, their pumpkin sauce is ahhhmazing and tastes like natural pumpkin, while Dunkin’s leave an almost artificial too sweet pumpkin pie flavor in our minds. and used in almost all their pumpkin recipes and we are complete suckers for it. Although we do hope Starbucks increases its creaminess in then cold foam, we think we can live with it as it is.

Again, this is all just our personal opinion, if you prefer Dunkin’s creamy and delicious version then by all means order away because we also love it! We just happen to be a little biased because we love us some starbucks 😆.

pumpkin cream cold foam

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • 7 ingredients only! The good thing is most people have these in their kitchen pantries and refrigerators during the fall season.
  • Can be made vegan, by subbing the dairy products with coconut versions for a delicious dairy-free version
  • Vanilla Syrup

What does pumpkin cream cold foam go with?

Cold foam is already extremely flexible and can be paired with practically anything! If youre calling a blank, no worries well list below some of our favorite ways to pair this delicious pumpkin spice cold foam

  • Iced Coffee – Uhh duh? Iced coffee and cold foam are second soul mates after cold brew of course.
  • Cold Brew – We love pairing this cold foam with other variations of cold brews such as Vanilla Cold Brew, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, and decaf versions.
  • Chai Cold Brew – Chai cold brew is delicious When paired with our pumpkin spice whipped topping. Are you probably wondering why chai cold brew? when made correctly, make it wrong and it’s too spiced, make it too weak and it tastes watered down. For the Perfect Chai Cold Brew Try our homemade recipe!
  • Chai latte – The Spices pair perfectly with this creamy pumpkin topping, have it hot or cold 😍 Try our Homemade Chai Latte Recipe that is way too good for only one serving!
  • Matcha latte – Try it before you knock it lol The slightly bitter taste from matcha, sweeten with cream and vanilla, and then topped with a pumpkin whipped topping is to die for! (not literally, but you get what we are saying)
pumpkin spice cold foam being frothed with hand held frother

How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam At Home

Ingredients For Pumpkin Spice Cold Foam

Pumpkin Puree: No pumpkin recipe is complete without using actual pumpkin puree, go ahead and use homemade pumpkin puree or the canned kind. If you do opt for homemade pumpkin puree, you’ll have to add a little sweetness and spices to make it more flavorful.

Vanilla Syrup Or Cane Syrup: Pumpkin puree naturally isn’t very sweet, even though it smells heavenly. Due to this, you’ll need to add some form of sweetness to this recipe to really bring out that pumpkin star. We recommend using vanilla syrup but you can also opt for regular cane syrup. We dont recommend using sugar because the grains won’t mix well in cold liquids and will leave a grainy texture in your cold foam.

Pumpkin Spice: Yes pumpkin spice and everything nice is a must-have for creating this recipe, we like to mix a bit into the actual cold foam and use it as a topping. but you can opt-out of using it if you’re not a fan of the spices. You can also create your pumpkin spicy and adjust it to your liking.

Heavy Whipping Cream: Heavy whipping cream is what gives any cold foam that thick and whipped texture that so many of us love. If you prefer your whipped cold foam to be less thick and foamier, use less heavy cream and a bit more milk in the mixture.

Condensed milk: Okay why are we using condensed milk and vanilla syrup to sweeten this recipe? The condensed milk is the main sweetening ingredient since we use a tbsp in our recipe and only a tsp of syrup. The condensed milk is a thickener and sweetener in this recipe. If you like subtle sweetness, omit the vanilla syrup and only used condensed milk.

Salt: Salt is known to bring out sweetness, so we like to add a tiny pinch to our cold foam recipes such as this one. Any salt will do, but we prefer Himalayan ground salt

Milk: A thin milk such as 2% milk is perfect for countering the heaviness of heavy whipping cream. We prefer 2% but you can choose whatever milk you like that similar fat level. Keep in mind subbing with other kinds of milk will change the flavor profile, some kinds of milk are nuttier, oaty, coconutty, etc.

Equipment You’ll Need

Mixer for making cold foam:

  • French press
  • Blender
  • milk frother
  • hand frother
  • mason jar and lid

Measurings spoons

Measuring cups

Fall In Love With Our Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Recipe

This Recipe is Perfect With Our Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Recipe! Or if you love the idea of double the Pumpkin Spice Power, add this delicous Cold Foam to spice up our Copycat Pumpkin Spiced Latte Recipe!

Recipe Calls For:

  • 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp 2% milk
  • 1 tbsp condensed milk
  • 1.5 tbsp pumpkin puree
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla syrup
  • pinch of pumpkin spice powder
pumpkin spice cold foam being frothed
Step 2. Blend ingredients with your choice of mixer, we are using a hand-held frother.
Pumpkin cold foam being poured into cold brew
Step 3. Pour over your drink!


  1. Add all ingredients to the glass container of your choice
  2. Blend with a hand-held frother or any frother method of your choice, until a peak forms.
  3. Pour on your choice of drink!
  4. Sprinkle with pumpkin spice powder

Recipe Notes

  • We recommend using 2% milk as this recipe taste the best with it, if swapping with other kinds of milk use more pumpkin!
  • For a stronger punch of pumpkin and orange color, add more pumpkin puree and reduce some of the condensed milk and heavy cream, about a tbs less per each

That wraps up pour delicious pumpkin cold foam recipe! We hope you enjoyed this recipe and if so don’t forget to pin it for later!

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