These 13 Starbucks drinks for kids are delicious and tweaked for guilt-free indulgence.

Starbucks is everywhere and amazing! Which is why you should know the best starbucks drinks for kids. Starbucks is great becasue they offer delicous drinks and a large variety for various drinkers. Whether you are a health conscious mom, teenage girl craving the pink drink, an over-caffeinated college student, or a 5-year-old who loves his steamers. Starbucks has something for everyone, but they can also range a little on the unhealthy side with how much they put in their drinks from sugar, flavorings, caffeine and other things kids probably should avoid.

This is why we wanted to list the best drinks for kids: these drinks are low in caffeine, and lower on the spectrum of sugar goodness, and we even offer some tips on how to customize them for even healthier options!

This post is all about the best Starbucks drinks for kids!

Commonly asked questions for kids Starbucks drinks

What are good kids’ drinks from Starbucks?

Some teas, flavored creme Frappuccinos, and normal hot drinks are pretty safe for kids. The drinks you’ll want to stay away from are teas, coffee, and espresso drinks as those will have a lot of caffeine in them. However, most espresso-containing drinks at Starbucks can be customized to be decaffeinated kid friendly drink. Teas and cold drinks like refreshers are naturally caffeinated so unfortunately we can’t customize them to be decaffeinated.

What is the best Starbucks drink for 11-year-olds?

The best drink for 11 year olds is probably the Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade. This drink contains zero caffeine which is a plus for a zero caffeine/low caffeine diet for children. This drink is also super refreshing with fruity hints. Plus, this drink is not too sweet so kids don’t get too hyped up on sugar throughout the day.

Does Starbucks have kid sizes?

Starbucks does not have typical kid sizes but they do have smaller sizes like tall/short for a lot of drinks that could be like a kids size since they’re so small. The short size is the smallest size with it being 8oz, this is the smallest size you can get in a hot beverage. Meanwhile, the other small size available is a tall drink that is 12oz, this is the smallest size you can get in a cold beverage. The reason for their being a 4 ounce size difference is because most cold drinks are either blended or iced so they give an extra few ounces for any ice in the beverage.

What is the best Starbucks drink for a kid?

The best kids drink overall is probably the blended strawberry lemonade. This popular traditional drink is refreshing, fruity, not too sweet and its lemonade based so theres zero caffeine in it.

Is Starbucks pink drink kid friendly?

The Starbucks pink drink does contain a decent amount of caffeine in it so this drink may not be the best drink for kids. A grande size of this drink contains roughly 45mg of caffeine which isn’t super crazy but is still a decent amount. Whether or not this is good for your kid is up to you really since some might be okay with 45mg of caffeine and other parents may want a completely caffeine free diet for their child.

Is Frappuccino kid friendly?

The creme Frappuccinos are definitely safe for children and contain little to no caffeine in them. However, the coffee Frappuccinos will contain some pretty decently high levels of caffeine. Stay away from any Frappuccinos that contain coffee, teas or chocolate as they will also contain caffeine.

is Starbucks bad for kids?

This question is subject as only parents can decide what is bad for their kids. Starbucks drinks tend to be on the sugary side and typically are made using normal dairy milks. For some who have intolerances or get hyped up on sugar this could be a bad thing, However, you can always change sugar levels, caffeine levels and milk types to create the perfect drink that may not be so bad when drank in moderation for your kid.

How can I order a healthier Starbucks drink for my kid?

Starbucks has so many drink customization options for their drinks so that makes it super easy to tweak your drinks to be just right for you. For example, you can make drinks less sweet, decaffeinated, and change the type of milk in a drink. So, whether you need a sugar free or low sugar drink, a decaffeinated drink or a dairy free drink Starbucks definitely has what you’re looking for.

The Best non-dairy kids drink at Starbucks?

With so many drink customization option Starbucks definitely has a lot of great non-dairy drinks or drinks that can be made with non-dairy milk such as coconut milk or almond milk.

Can kids have Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes?

Pumpkin spice lattes typically contain a lot of caffeine, for instance a grande size PSL will contain around 150mg of caffeine. However, with that said, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte can be made for kids if you ask for a decaf espresso in the drink rather than a normal espresso.

warm apple juice is a favorite kid friendly starbucks drink
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Best kids Starbucks drink: non-dairy

Peach Tranquility: This hot tea drink is basically a fusion of peach, pineapple and chamomile tea. As we all know chamomile has naturally calming qualities, so this is a great drink to get for an anxious or hyper child that also tastes amazing! A grande size of this drink contains 0mg caffeine making it super kid friendly and one of the best starbucks drinks for kids! In our opinion 👀

Blended Strawberry lemonade: This refreshing beverage contains lemonade with an infusion of strawberry flavoring. This is the perfect drink for a kid that needs to cool down on a hot summer day. This drink contains 0mg of caffeine in a grande size so it’s perfect for kids to enjoy.

Best Iced kids drink at Starbucks

Iced passion tango tea lemonade: This iced tea contains infusions of hibiscus, lemongrass and lemonade. This is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day! A grande size of this drink contains 0mg of caffeine making it perfect for kiddos.

Iced Peach green tea: This iced tea is made of green tea with infusions of peach flavoring. This drink is super refreshing and is one of my personal favorites! This drink contains 25mg of caffeine in a grande size.

Best Frappuccinos for kids at Starbucks

Vanilla bean Frappuccino: This tasty blended concoction features milk, vanilla bean, and ice to create the perfect creamy drink. This creme drink contains 0mg of caffeine in a grande size, making this starbucks drink for kids a classic and favorite amongst adults and children!

Strawberry creme frappuccino: This delicious blended drink contains milk, ice, and strawberry puree. This refreshing creamy drink contains 0mg of caffeine in a grande size of this drink making it perfect for kids.

White chocolate creme Frappuccino: This drink is made using white chocolate flavored sauce, milk, and ice and is topped off with whipped cream. This drink contains 0mg of caffeine in the grande size of this drink.

vanilla steamer with cinnamon in a metal cup  is a great dupe for the vanilla steamer kids love at starbucks
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Best hot drinks for kids at Starbucks

Hot chocolate: Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? This is the perfect drink for kids especially around the holidays as it gets colder out. This popular drink contains 25mg of caffeine in a grande size.

Steamed apple juice: For juice lovers all around, this is a steamed version of apple juice. This hot drink is the perfect comforting drink that warms your soul. This drink contains 0mg of caffeine in a grande size making it a perfect kid friendly drink.

Cinnamon dolce creme: This drink features a combination of steamed milk with an infusion of cinnamon dolce flavored syrup and topped with whipped cream. This drink contains 0mg of caffeine in a grande size.

Best can be made kid-friendly Starbucks drinks

Note: These drinks require customizing the drink to use decaffeinated coffee or espresso. Please remember that decaffeinated coffee and espresso contain trace amounts of caffeine so these drinks will still contain small amounts of caffeine.

Decaf caramel macchiato: This is a traditional caramel macchiato made from milk, espresso, caramel, and vanilla. Only now the espresso is swapped with decaffeinated espresso to turn this drink into a kid-friendly version.

Decaf Cappuccino: This popular drink features a steamed and creamy milk foam mixed with espresso. This drink can be made kid-friendly by using decaffeinated espresso instead of regular espresso.

Decaf Iced white chocolate mocha: This tasty drink is made using a white chocolate flavored sauce, milk, and ice and is topped off with some creamy whipped cream. This drink can be made kid friendly by swapping the espresso with decaffeinated espresso.

That Wraps up our post for the best kid-friendly Starbucks drinks that will make your kids happy and give you peace of mind! If you love trying to make Starbucks dupes, unique tea creations, espresso drinks and more then make sure to read our other post =)

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